INOVAIO is an innovative project commercialisation company

INOVAIO brings marketing and innovation to life by helping companies research,
develop and implement products and services for the future.
We do so by identifying opportunities and augmenting their potential through engineered innovation
strategy implementation and marketing science. 

INOVAIO will identify products and service opportunities for your organisation

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Concept / Idea Audit

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Ideas and Concept Development

Innovative approaches to idea generation

Analysis of viable opportunities

Identification and evaluation of opportunities and challenges

Product and Service Design and Development


Innovative Strategies

Proprietary frameworks and engineered processes

Analysis of key aspects of various industries

Developing new products and services

Enhancing existing products and services

Engineer competitive advantage

Strategic management of products and services


Business Modelling and Customer Validation

Create, deliver and capture value from your clients

Sustainability of value extraction methods for the product or service

Tailor and transform client business models

Value propositions

Increasing performance and augmenting revenue 


Design, Prototyping and Testing

Design thinking methods

Prototyping and testing concepts

Integrated and interdisciplinary approach to engineering design

Industrial design


Market Development and Commercialisation

Identification of market opportunities

Ongoing marketing mix interrogation and life-cycle planning

Go-to-market strategies

Evaluating market acceptance

Bridging the adoption chasm

Omni-Channel Strengthening



Financial Management

Evaluation of the financial foundation for a new product or service

Capital formation plan for each product or service

Comprehensive Metric Analyses



Legal Aspects

In-house legal team
Addressing legal and business issues

Intellectual Property management



Mathematical Diagnostics

Pricing Dynamics

Predictive Modelling

Segmentation Analysis

Artificial Intelligence

Statistical Analysis & Experimentation




INOVAIO’s team of highly qualified consultants will develop innovative offerings that will convert your company’s offerings, and other sources of value, into revenue. We offer a guaranteed and results driven outcome.

·  Innovation ideation and execution with top management
·  Provide strategic oversight for technology adoption
·  Support and Amplify the value of your offerings
·  Customer and Client retention


INOVAIO oversees and strengthens the delivery of client products and services in the market. Each phase of the innovation life-cycle is scrutinised and monitored to provide implementable actions that will help companies improve existing customer numbers and increase company return on investment. INOVAIO further helps its clients by creating new strategic alternatives to counter competitors and deprive them of market share.

Marketing Warfare

INOVAIO interrogates and re-works every aspect of the marketing mix, communications plan and uses proprietary service and product design to unlock and unleash unidentified opportunity from disparate marketing teams and innovation models. From product/service design to statistical dynamics (the ability to break down a whole country into regions and localities, which would reveal differences in demographic and socio-economic makeup as well as attitudes (psychographic) towards client products and services) to the forces of message distribution and promotional ‘espionage’, INOVAIO serves a critical role in each phase of the campaign life-cycle. Keen attention to detail is what differentiates INOVAIO and is our principle rule of conduct.

Audited and Engineered

INOVAIO has an audited, engineered approach to proactively prepare and respond to dynamic market conditions – identifying customer needs, idea generation, selection and testing (prototyping). INOVAIO will help craft the architecture for success. Moreover, INOVAIO will assist with re-formulation of strategic communication and stakeholder perception analysis to enhance message diffusion and afford the product or service a favourable competitive advantage.

Bootstrapped Communication & Message Diffusion

INOVAIO is there to assist with core positioning statements and customer persona profiles to carefully craft messages that resonate with the target buyer. Oversight of media interactions ensures the correct message (this includes grammar and spelling) is being used at the right time to the right customer. INOVAIO also makes use of research tools, through strategic partnerships, to help quantify company reputation and provide extensive insight into specific areas that need attention to enhance reputation.

Digital Deconstruction

INOVAIO helps bolster client digital strategy through channel augmentation oversight (Social Media, SMS, Gaming, Music etc) affiliate communication distribution and assists in providing the tools necessary to drive traffic. With crafted Social ROI, and ‘hidden’ social intelligence, INOVAIO is able to discover client queries/complaints buried in blogs, forums and news websites. Sentiment measurement; conversation monitoring and dashboards as well as preventative and proactive resolution of issues is handled by ourselves and distributed to stakeholders in real-time.

Technology & Business Collaboration

INOVAIO makes use of, and develops its own, proprietary software for itself and its clients. We are serious about client security. Client marketing and innovation data is stored securely in discrete file blocks that are fragmented and encrypted using 256-bit AES. All software utilised has multiple layers of security and stored using 256-bit (banking grade) AES encryption is transferred to clients using a secure SSL/TLS tunnel.The infrastructure that INOVAIO provides to its clients is designed and managed in alignment with best security practices and a variety of IT security standards. The Primary (outsourced) data centre is in Europe, Ireland and complies with the following standards: SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 (formerly SAS 70 Type II), SOC 2 & SOC 3, FIPS 140-2, ITAR, FISMA, DIACAP, PCI DSS 1, ISO27001 and HIPAA.

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