Artificial Intelligence profiles
for products and services

Does your company market its products and services?
Which channels do you use? Social media, Google, Radio, Television?
There are over 100 channels your company could use (or is using) to advertise.
Do you know which weekly or monthly mix is best at increasing sales within budget?

We do…

 We are leaders in channel sales optimisation

Pioneering artificial intelligence in
multi-channel marketing

Technological advancements, demographic, societal and macro-economic changes are continually creating new needs and opportunities for marketing agencies. To take advantage of these complexities requires significant capital, is complex, time consuming and depends on thousands of interdependent variables. This makes decisions more complex, and in some instances, humanly impossible. Until Now.

Archi (Artificial Channel Intelligence) modifies multi-channel advertising spend based on macro-economic and constantly changing consumer channel preferences to bring about higher product sales.

Through complex environmental monitoring and proprietary channel weighting algorithms, Archi works out the most effective advertising profile mix for your specific product. The profile is dynamically adjusted over  time and is industry specific. Archi effectively maximises channel and customer utility reducing brand avoidance and ensuring budget is effectively and efficiently allocated. Archi remembers millions of unique environmental and channel combinations and then factors his decisions accordingly.

No Analysts needed
Save money on efficient allocation of spend between channels
Look good in front of clients by increasing their sales
Mitigate brand avoidance


Step 1

Marketing Spend

ARCHI™ will assess your current marketing spend per channel – Social Media advertising (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube), Advertising (radio, television, billboards), Search marketing (PPC, SEO, Adwords) Celebrity endorsements and others.

Step 2

Artificial Intelligence

This is where the magic begins. ARCHI™ analyses more than a million marketing and economic attributes and learns the relationships between these, your budget and impact on unit sales or turnover. ARCHI™ is the first automated and self-learning multi-channel optimiser.

Step 3


ARCHI™ has an impressive dashboard showing you how, where and when to optimise. Your channel marketing  optimisation is now on auto-pilot. ARCHI™ doesn’t need an employment contract and is affordably priced. Start your trial today and become part of the artificial intelligence generation.

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