Focussed Attention

A flat organisational structure to deliver greater ROI for clients

The most experienced experts working on your project

Ongoing communication and execution with top management

Creative genius

Value for money

Creativity and Innovation

Bloated consultancies find it difficult to generate and execute novel ideas

Ideas are generally licensed variations of generic technologies and usually replicated from one client to another

Flexibility, persistence and fresh cutting-edge technologies

Creative freedom and paradigm shifts in approach

No ingrained processes

Team and Agility

Highly accessible

Full staff involvement, in different capacities from top to bottom, on your project

An open office culture guarantees that all staff are apprised up to the minute on client projects

No layers of bureaucracy

More agile and able to capitalise on ‘windows of opportunity’

Experience and Expertise

Leveraging the creative genius of some of the best talent in the industry

International collaboration with thought leaders

Effective teams that hit the ground running

Professional leadership from project inception to completion

Driven to augment revenue for clients

Negotiable retainers, fee structures and licensing arrangements

We are a group of


We realise exponential growth for clients through passion and determination. Our committed team of professionals go above and beyond the call of duty in executing innovative marketing strategies.


Other Proprietary Technologies

Consumer Driven Innovations

INOVAIO develops cutting-edge proprietary solutions and technologies for clients from ideation to implementation. We create Value-Added Services (VAS) to solve complex sales inefficiencies and create competitive advantage. The human centered and experiment-heavy methodology of the design process has been adopted, partly, from Standford’s d.school.

INOVAIO has developed a number of unique and disruptive technologies. Monwi and Advurtz were commissioned to address inefficiencies in online discounting and customer acquisition. From online supply and demand algorithms, to widgets designed for company socio-economic contributions in society (where potential customers recognise and reward responsible businesses by buying from them) INOVAIO has commercialised technologies from the ground up and made company missions a reality.


Unlike ‘fogging tunnels’ which are not effective against coronavirus (The World Health Organization*) cause skin irritation, affect the respiratory tract and cause long term psychological damage, INOVAIO was tasked to develop a sanitization booth that was both safe and effective.  We then started working on the InoShower.

The InoShower is state of the art Bio and Industrial Technology. We utilise a hi-velocity fan filtration unit which supplies air, via air diffusers, from the top of the ‘shower’ and an exhaust fan for top to bottom airflow. This creates a unidirectional air flow from ABOVE (where the vulnerable nose and mouth are ) DOWNWARDS towards the feet and OUT through an exhaust via a virus capture filter made of galvanized air ducts. Moreover, a UV light steriliser device and ozone cell device- to FDA regulated ppm short term exposure, will kill any viruses on clothing, baggage and person. The InoShower also has an IR activated Sanitizer Dispenser built in – zero touch throughout the unit with zero skin irritation. (*https://www.who.int/news-room/q-a-detail/q-a-considerations-for-the-cleaning-and-disinfection-of-environmental-surfaces-in-the-context-of-covid-19-in-non-health-care-settings)