Adoption of
King II report principles


INOVAIO (Pty) Ltd is aware of, and committed to, the underlying principles of good governance at all levels of the company. Senior management is committed to adhere to this behaviour at all times.


INOVAIO will strive to always make necessary information available in a candid, accurate and timely manner to concerned parties – not only the audit data but also general reports and press releases.


Internal control mechanisms have been put in place to minimise or avoid potential conflicts of interest that may exist, such as dominance by a strong Chief Executive. These mechanisms range from the composition of the board, to appointments to committees of the board, and external parties such as the auditors. The decisions made, and internal processes established, are objective and do not allow for undue influences.


Individuals or groups in the company who make decisions and take actions on specific issues need to be accountable for their decisions and actions. Mechanisms exist and are effective to allow for accountability.


With regards to management, responsibility pertains to behaviour that allows for corrective action and for penalising management. INOVAIO management, where necessary, put in place what it would take to set the company on the right path. While the board is accountable to the company, INOVAIO must act responsibly to and with responsibility to all stakeholders of the company.


The systems that exist within the company are balanced in taking into account all those that have an interest in the company and its future. The rights of various groups, including minority groups, are acknowledged and respected.

Social Responsibility

INOVAIO is aware of, and responds to, social issues, placing a high priority on ethical standards. INOVAIO strives to be a good corporate citizen and is seen as a non-discriminatory, non-exploitive, and responsible entity with regard to environmental and human rights issues.

Batho Pele

INOVAIO subscribes to “Putting People First” as a priority in all its internal and external dealings.